D.O. Rueda

Pata Negra Verdejo Rueda

All grapes are harvested at night at their optimum point of ripeness

Our prizes Bacchus International Wine Competition 2015 - Gold BacchusBerliner Wein Trophy 2014 - Silver medalCatavinum 2014 - Silver medal
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Wine type: White
Grape type: Verdejo, one of the most renowned white grapes and the most popular in Spain.
Our Rueda wines are made in Serrada, the crossroads of Medina de Campo, Tordesillas and Olmedo. The origin of the winery dates back the late seventeenth century.
It currently has 500 hectares of vineyards divided by the Duero River, an area currently considered the best in the world for wine production. The exceptional climate of this region, with terroir at a considerable altitude between 600 and 750 meters set on wide alluvial terraces on the banks of the Duero River, along with adequate rainfall makes this land very suitable for the development of vineyards.
  • Bacchus International Wine Competition 2015 - Gold Bacchus
  • Berliner Wein Trophy 2014 - Silver medal
  • Catavinum 2014 - Silver medal
All grapes are harvested at night at their optimum point of ripeness to ensure that the grape arrives at a low temperature, preventing oxidation and keeping the aromas fresh. In the first phase the grapes are fermented according to the origin of their grower. Later
The must is obtained with the help of a gentle pressing that favors the extraction of aromatic components present in the solid parts of the fruit. Fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks with strict temperature control between 13 and 15 degrees.
Alcoholic fermentation lasts about 15 days, then the best tanks are selected for bottling for Para Negra
Appearance: Perfect pale, bright and clean yellow with golden hues. Nose: Magnificent nose, clearly varietal, displaying a harmonious set of fruity notes (green apple) over a base of vegetal and aniseed aromas (straw and fennel).
Palate: Balanced and fresh, with good acidity and density. The palate is long and smooth, almost velvety, with a pleasant contrasting finish with light astringency.
We recommend serving very cold, between 4 and 6°C.
This Pata Negra Rueda Verdejo pairs perfectly with light meals (rice and seafood).

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