D.O. Ribera del Duero

Mayor De Castilla Harvest

Goes well with pasta, legumes, cured meat, cold cuts and grilled meat.

Our prizes International Wine and Spirit Competition 2010 - Bronze medal
Wine type: Red
Grape type: Tinta del País, the premier variety of Ribera del Duero
The winery and vineyards are located in the town of Haza in a strategic enclave where Juana de Haza, a noble of Castille, began cultivating vineyards at the foot of her fortress in the twelfth century. These vineyards grew both in size and fame throughout the territories due to their extraordinary quality. Our winery is located in that fortress, with an area of 80 hectares in La Magdalena estate home to vine plots on gentle hillsides where we cultivate traditional Tinta del Pais alongside newer varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

In the center of our property a tower and underground cellars dating back to the seventeenth century are preserved with their adjoining wineries. Today the renovated winery maintains its character and historic constructions, with an area of 12,000 m2, production and bottling capacity of 18 million bottles a year, and capacity for 10,000 American oak Bordeaux barrels. The winery was awarded best winery in Spain by the prestigious Vinitaly International Competition two years running.
  • International Wine and Spirit Competition 2010 - Bronze medal
Harvesting coincides with the phenolic ripeness of the fruit. The grapes reach the adequate balance between concentration of sugars and organic acids, which is very beneficial for the production of wines with a strong concentration of tannins, ensuring proper development over time.
The fermenting must undergoes maceration of average duration. Devatting is done after 12-15 days, during which the wine is returned. After a gentle pressing, it is decanted into tanks with thermal lining for the final malolactic fermentation. While this usually occurs spontaneously once the alcohol fermentation is complete, the local climate and late harvest date can complicate things. In this case it is necessary to help the process via temperature control.
Mayor de Castilla Cosecha (Harvest) is a deep wine with an intense violet color with bluish hues.
The nose is abundant with red fruit and notes of ripe berries, tannic but sweet, flavorful with genuine notes of this varietal. Combines youth and body, allowing the wine to not only maintain its qualities after a while but also to improve its interesting aroma.

Mayor de Castilla Cosecha (Red Harvest) goes well with pasta, legumes, cured meat, cold cuts and grilled meat.
Mayor de Castilla Harvest red is also available for gifts, events and celebrations in 375 ml bottle format in boxes of 12 bottles.
We recommend serving this Mayor de Castilla Cosecha between 12 and 14ºC

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