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Don Luciano Charmat Blue Moscato

Fresh, slightly sweet, with the delicious flavor of lychees.

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Wine type: Natural Sparkling
Grape type: Muscat, perhaps the most recognizable and aromatic white grape in the world.
La Mancha is the largest vineyard in the world, occupying 50% of Spain's vineyards. In this spectacular region with a longstanding wine tradition you'll find Bodega Garcia Carrion La Mancha located in Daimiel (Ciudad Real). It features fifty hectares of experimental vineyards for research and development with different grape varietals, both for young wines and crianzas and reserve wines. The winery has an annual production capacity of 100 million liters and an aging cellar for 10,000 barrels. The production is 250 million liters per year and there is storage capacity for more than 160 million liters.
The winery works with the Cencibel varietal as well as the varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Chardonnay and Syrah for young wines and crianzas. In 2006 an ambitious and innovative project was carried out in Spain involving the preparation of sparkling wine using the Charmat method and low alcohol wines. With this undertaking, our winery in Daimiel became a landmark among international wineries, with facilities to produce wines demanded in the world market fulfilling all international standards of quality assurance: ISO, BRC and IFS.
Don Luciano Blue Moscato is produced using the Charmat method, with partial fermentation of high quality filtered must of the Muscat varietal in isobarametric tanks, allowing conservation of carbon released during fermentation.
Attractive blue color, bright, with fine bubbles that emerge slowly.
Intense and attractive aromas of apricot, melon and rose petals.
Fresh, slightly sweet, with the delicious flavor of lychees.
We recommend serving between 5 and 7°C.
Perfect for celebrations, parties, desserts and snacks.

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